1. Finally got the “baked kit kat” and tried it out! Chef @robert1moore put it on broil for 2-3 minutes in a toaster oven (1500W) and it turned out great. The kit kat is pudding chocolate flavor and it’s very crispy. Japanese snacks are so creative and awesome! #kitkat #bakedkitkat #chocolate #japanesesnack



  3. Awwwwww

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  4. hellomakana:

    Honoring Prince Kuhio

    In March we celebrate Prince Kūhiō Day. Nephew to Queen Kapiʻolani, Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole was in line for the thrown when the Monarchy was overthrown in 1893. Despite the overthrow, Prince Kūhiō lived the rest of his life as a political leader and ambassador of Hawaiʻi.  

    Though Kūhio Day officially falls on March 26th, celebrations in the Princeʻs honor take place throughout the State, throughout the month of March.  For a full schedule, check out writer Cat Tothʻs round-up in Hawaii Magazine

    This is great!

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  5. Show your love with i love you and heart-shaped bacon! JUST KIDDING! These are red velvet cheesecake brownie I made last night. But they do look a lot like raw meat


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    Great Neptune, I’m hungry!

    Love this illustration

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  7. Robby has been on 14-hour shift work lately. Since we don’t have much time to talk with each other, love notes are back in trend! And sometime, it is little thing like this that makes love stronger.


  8. Stunning birds pictures!

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    Sometimes, especially when I’m getting dressed right after a shower, I wish I could go back in time and give myself a big hug.

    I’d tell myself to not be so sad, and to not hurt myself. To not wish that I were dead, or try to make that wish a reality.

    I wish I could tell my old self that life…

    This is very pretty.
    Whenever I look back to my past, I want to tell my younger self the same thing too.


  10. Leaf hat is the new fashion. #catfashion #cat #kitty #pet #cute #meow #catpicture #catpic